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I inspire men and women feeling unhappy, exhausted, lost, unfulfilled, to let-go of what no longer serves them, transform feeling 'stuck', into new possibilities with renewed confidence in their lifepath! 

- To recognise synergy - what IS working for you and where the odds are stacked in your favour - to develop self-care and conscious leadership.


I have a lifetime's business experience across private, public and not-for-profit businesses alongside my life-long passion for personal development and holistic health.


My powerful toolbox, blends both worlds:


I use Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) alongside the sensitivity of Kinesiology (balancing the mental, physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual elements of being human ) to help you connect to self and embrace a more balanced, healthy, purposeful, conscious way of being.  

Together, we uncover energetic blocks which keep you feeling 'stuck, trapped, negative, lost' - sabotaging your best efforts! 


All you have to do is show-up with an open mind, and allow me to help you release these tensions as we explore the mind-body connection and what's in your highest interest.

You may feel like a Human DO-ing?

- fed-up, exhausted, just about managing, burned-out, feeling sick, stuck in a rut?

But ... you really can enjoy a more healthy, happier lifestyle, whilst making a living!

From my own experience, I know how slowing it all down - often in the face of adversity - brings a quickening of clarity, renewed vision, passion and motivation. 

I help kick-start a self-care process which acknowledges your strengths, taps into and realigns your resources, to move you forwards. 

Working together, both online and/or on Retreat, I support you to trust the process, show-up with vulnerability and claim the future that is already manifesting all around you!

'If everything were already clear

to you now,

there would be no evolution

of  yourself as a

human being.'

Eckhart Tolle 

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AND for those wanting to stand out from the crowd, we develop a Hominum Bio TM - to help you stay true to yourself and intentions.

  • position yourself in the marketplace - with purpose, energy - clear on intentions.

  • attract your employer of choice, industry recruiters or even investment for your business proposition.




To let-go of what no longer serves you, on all levels.  To lift your self-belief and align your head with your heart.  To empower you to step into what brings you joy, your gifts, and live a life in flow, with ease and confidence. To re-energise self-worth, direction and motivate aspiration and purpose.


I mentor, coach and practice with those feeling burned-out, stuck, out-of-step or even lost; with a lack of alignment in life, work and how you would like to show-up in your world. 

-Anyone wanting to ditch the past, become fully present, stop worrying about the future to become more healthy and purposeful, yet not knowing where to start.



With a blend of structured and bespoke support,  I mentor and coach you to be true to yourself.  My broad knowledge and experience focuses on finding synergy - working with ease and flow, creative intelligence, compassion, holistic health and wellbeing strategies. This all leads to better self-regulation, self-belief and conscious-leadership. 



We diarise weekly calls (walk and talk if local) to review, discuss and reflect depending on availability. And you are invited on a 3-day Self-care Retreat.



Over phone, skype or zoom with private 1:1 sessions, and on a coastal nature reserve near Chichester, West Sussex.


We develop congruence between your beliefs, values, personal life and work. I support you with reflective materials, empower you to take an holistic approach and trust the process. A renewed self-confidence in your beliefs and path, helps let-go of the past, to be present and reset compass co-ordinates.  To adapt and meet your real needs, wants, desires, even legacy.  To step into your Power!

To ensure you transition-well through change and retain your new-found confidence - we can also capture your 'uniqueness' into an authentic  Hominum Bio
TM  to help attract the roles, guidance and fellowship you desire, to thrive, stay grounded and true to yourself.  

BIO'S (click on icons)


Hewlett Packard
VP Drupa 2020 


Hewlett Packard
VP Drupa 2020 

Heading 3


Motorsport Partnerships, Castrol

Charlotte provided me with the skills and confidence  I needed to transition back into the work place from self-employment. Her patient, analytic and holistic approach to helping me be the best I can be  was amazing. She is genuinely a people whisperer!



 Strategic Corporate

Events Specialist

I undertook this Leadership programme with eyes wide open and yet was still pleasantly surprised by the process and the resulting HB output.

Working with Charlotte was an absolute pleasure, she is empathetic and patient yet still manages to drive you forwards to the end goal.


Ideation Partner
User Experience Research 

Charlotte’s personality and attentiveness inspired me to ask for her guidance. The entire process was done in confidence which provided me a safe space to feel vulnerable to dig deep into my motivations. Thank you, Charlotte. Your efforts will always stay with me.


Hewlett Packard
VP Drupa 2020 

Charlotte rekindles your purpose and orientates your compass.  I enjoyed the infectious, unscripted open discussions. I have a definite direction, more insights into me and how I work, what makes me and others happy, which, defines what projects and roles I should entertain.


MD OrangeDoor

Working with Charlotte is sometimes challenging and always thought provoking and insightful.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is at a point where they know they want something to change but they are not sure of what, where, why or how.


Compass Calls

  • Speak your truth.

  • Gain a wider perspective, on your current situation/challenge.

  • Set a personal stretch goal.

  • List little right actions.

  • Raise your energy levels.

  • Feel seen and heard. 

  • Re-orientate your Compass.

  • Kick-start some self-care.


Transformation Coach & Mentor 

  • 1:1 bespoke weekly sessions.

  • 1, 3 or 6 month personal and self-leadership development.

  • In person Retreat, with support, recognition, validation as we shift blocks, and 'stuckness' into clear, realistic intentions and smart actions to move forwards.

  • Re-connectivity, promotion, engagement or exit strategies.


Hominum Bio TM

- Raise your profile, anchor all that you are to stay true to yourself, with a modern Bio, that attracts what you want into your life.


  • Download the empowering results of becoming more balanced, heart-centred and purpose-driven, into an authentic personal profile (brand).

  • A professional Bio significantly raises your confidence to clearly articulate yourself in meaningful conversations, interviews, pitches, online. 

  • Demonstrate yourself as a Human Being - a cultural FIT for your preferred employer, new business, online audience or as an industry expert.


‘Charlotte is rare and precious  – being an astute and experienced mentor and thinker, who probes and listens and then offers up intelligent, innovative and practical suggestions and solutions to help guide you forwards – whilst making you feel a better version of yourself in the process.’     

Mike Phillipson - Founder of Resolute

- Global Transformation Consultant



For Solo-Preneurs

I help you successfully develop your PASSION into DUAL PURPOSE
(profit and mission)
- to be clear on your business values and ethos;
- to really connect well with your target audience, avatar client and to attract value-enhancing business relationships. 


Business is personal - so present yourself as an empathetic and conscious leader, clear on your intention and the purpose behind your passion, for your business.

Together we focus on developing self-regulation to enhance your leadership skills, well-being and resilience in business.




Charlotte also collaborates with holistic practitioners, coaches, recruitment agencies, head-hunters, educators, psychologists, business leaders looking to develop wellbeing, as part of culture change and to articulate and embed purpose into their brand. 

The New Normal

Automation, climate change, covid19,
Science and technology working at pace,

As the world seeks more conscious leadership,

To shine a light, transition with grace. 


Our future is inextricably linked to the consciousness of all living things

As leaders turn away from unsustainable GDP,

Towards a wellness economy with servitude and shared values,

Where organisations reject disparity and lead on-purpose.

Understand your Tribe - your cultural FIT - it is a win-win for everyone!

C U R R E N T   A S S O C I A T E S


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Malcolm Stern - Compassionate Health (


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Your Holistic Academy - Matching Organisations with Wellbeing Professionals



I coach, counsel and mentor Human DO-ings to become more Human BE-ing, so they can live a more sustainable, healthy and fulfilled life. 

To become clear on intentions, vocation, what will strengthen, sustain and fulfil you.  To slow down, reconnect to self, do the work, ask for help and kick-start some lovely self-care. 

  • In my 20’s – tasked to set up two management consulting firms in London. Then moved to an exec role in Brussels, which brought no joy; disillusioned, I took temporary roles in Switzerland, Turkey and France. 

  • Last 20 years, business leader and solo parent, frequently stressed or overwhelmed, having to make important decisions, in isolation and pivot frequently, through change. 

I grew up a 'pleaser' - anything to avoid conflict.  Became an over-achiever, had never heard of setting boundaries.  

I just wanted to fit in, stop feeling an outsider and find my place in the world, but everything seemed contrived or meaningless.

At 30,  I fell in love with a Kiwi.  We were engaged and moved to New Zealand- where I became a project manager. 

Neither the relationship or the role, worked out, sadly, after the loss of a baby, which changed my whole perspective on life.

After years of moving around, I felt desperately sad, rejected, unworthy and lost on the other side of the world... but I couldn't face going home.

There was no sense of purpose, or connection to self, I was suffering from shame and too busy playing the blame game.  I felt misunderstood, an imposter -  I didn't fit in anywhere, was disconnected and isolated.  Poor me!  But what happened next would inspire me to change my life forever.


Whilst feeling 'raw' one day, I saw the most beautiful 140’ ketch sail past into Auckland marina.  I wasn't a sailor, but my intuition and heart told me to go and visit her in the harbour. 

I found myself talking to a member of the crew - and having the courage to explore new possibilities. 

Three months later, I jumped on board - reset my compass and set sail around the world. 

I was challenged on every level.

Two years later I arrived back in the UK, unsure what was next, but I had found my voice, learned to speak my truth, and learned to trust myself.  I've got this!


What was MISSING over the years where three things:

1)  Understanding my Thoughts and Beliefs make my world - I best pay attention to them!

2)  Connection with Purpose, Tribe - developing my consciousness became my raison d'etre.
3)  The Courage to ask for Help!  Everyone needs community, someone that has their back.  


We are all mirrors to some degree - I still feel 'stuck' at times.  But I know I have the power to shift my energy into creating my own future.  We can all attract, manifest and synchronise with like-minded people ... which is maybe why you are reading my story? 


If so, please connect - I am a positive and compassionate person, who likes to listen, inspire, lift and lighten your load.  To encourage and motivate you  forwards.  I have a big heart and my own teeth... but I promise, I don't bite!

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